Take a Lesson

Our friends at PSIA-AASI (professional ski and snowboard instructors) break down why it's best to discover snow with a pro. 

Top 10 Reasons to Take a Professional Ski or Snowboard Lesson

  1. To stay friends with your friends (friends don’t let friends teach friends).
  2. To ski and ride with your friends and family.
  3. To get better faster.
  4. To graduate from green runs.
  5. To save your relationship.
  6. To make winter more fun.
  7. To be your best, by learning from the best.
  8. To learn the easy way.
  9. To project from green to black.
  10. To ski and ride to your fullest potential.
Taking a professional lesson is the best way for you to learn, or to improve your current skills, so you can join, or keep up with, your family and friends on the slopes this season.

Why Go With a Pro?

  • If they weren’t trained, would you really want a friend or family member to teach you how to skydive or to do your taxes?
  • If your answer is “no”, then why would you want them to teach you to ski or snowboard?
  • Be cautious when friends or family members say it's easy to learn.
  • They might take you up the chairlift to the top of the mountain for your first run down the mountain.
  • You might be told to just simply turn left and then right and then leave you at the top while you’re still wondering how to simply turn left and right.
  • You may not like getting down from the top on your own for your first run.
  • Remember, the best way to get down the mountain is by going with a pro.