Beginner’s Guide to Skiing 

It’s fun and easy to learn how to ski. In this Beginner’s Guide to Skiing video series, get simple tips from professional ski instructor Eric Lipton as he explains what to expect before you, your children, or friends ski for the first time. Be sure to watch all the videos. Share them on your social channels and tag people you know who want to learn to ski!


  • Part 1: Understanding Ski Gear
  • Part 2: How to Move Around on the Snow
  • Part 3: Basic Movements on the Snow

Part 1: Ski Gear, Using Your Bindings, and Carry Your Skis


There are several things beginner skiers can learn before they even set foot on snow. In the first section of our beginner's guide to skiing, we will cover:

  • How to properly put on your ski boots.
  • The basic parts of your skis.
  • How to get in and out of your skis.
  • How to carry your skis.

To get skiing, you will need the basic gear: skis, boots, and poles. Eric Lipton suggests that you politely decline if a family member or friends offers to lend you some because resorts today are equipped with the best rental equipment. They will also make sure you get the right size and style of gear to ensure the best possible learning experience.

The boots are the first thing you'll try on, they are also the most important piece of equipment. To properly fit your ski boots, start with one pair of thin socks pulled up over your calves. Slide your feet into the boot and press your heel towards the back of the boot. Start by tightening the buckles on the upper cuff to ensure your heels are all the way back and all the way down. The boot should feel snug (but not painful) around your foot and lower leg. If you can slide your foot back and forth inside the boot, chances are the boot is too big. If your toes are squished or curled, you might need a bigger size. Try on a few different sizes to make sure you have the best possible fit.

Next up, let's talk about your skis. The front of the ski is called the tip and the back of the ski is called the tail. Somewhere between the tip and the tail you'll find the ski binding; bindings are what connects your boot to the ski.When your boot is not pressed into the binding, you'll notice the ski brake preventing your skis from sliding. Unlike boots, there is no right or left ski, they are interchangeable. 


Part 2

Watch these basic movements to learn how to get around on your skis, pick up your ski pole, and get up from a seated position.

Part 3

In the third part of our series, we're going to talk about the basic movements on snow.

Taking a lesson is the best way to learn how to ski, so go with a pro! Visit the Take a Lesson page for more tips or watch more videos

Have fun, and see you on the slopes!